Turn morning chaos into calm!

The following is from Parentkind, a charity established to support and champion all the ways parents can participate in education:

Even the most organised parents with years of school-run experience will tell you that mornings can be a challenge. You’ll need to be adaptable, but having a routine will help you manage the mayhem – making it easier for your child (and you) to enjoy the day ahead.

After school and evening

  • Check your child’s book bag for any letter and notes from their teacher, the school office, or Friends of School – party invites are often sent out this way too
  • Talk about their day, read together and (when the time comes) help with homework tasks
  • Make sure any books that come home are back in their bag each evening
  • Find out if there’s anything special going on the next day that they’ll need something out of the ordinary for – wellies, cardboard boxes, a costume for World Book Day!
  • Help your child lay out their uniform ready for the morning (including BOTH shoes)
  • Get them to bed on time, because tired and grumpy children aren’t fun in the morning!

In the morning

  • Get up half an hour earlier than your child to give yourself a head start
  • Open curtains or switch on a lamp in your child’s room 10 minutes before they need to get up, to give them a chance to wake up naturally
  • Use the Parentkind morning checklist with your child so they learn what they need to do each day – as they get older encourage them to do more by themselves
  • Allow enough time for breakfast – try and leave 15-20 minutes to sit at the table, it’ll give you a few minutes to talk about the day ahead, and eating a filling breakfast will help your child concentrate at school
  • Switch off distractions like TV or tablets – perhaps build in a few minutes for a bit of telly if everyone’s ready on time, but not if you know it’s going to cause problems leaving the house!

It might take a while for your new routine to become a habit (or to even remember that you have a routine), but stick with it and on the days when it all goes to plan, you’ll find mornings are much calmer.


Emotional Health and Wellbeing Services in Powys


Central Contact Information for Children, Young People and Families

School Nursing 01547 521207

CAIS (Young Persons Substance Misuse) 03007772258 http://www.cais.co.uk

Youth Intervention Service (South and Mid) – Mary Evans mary.evans@powys.gov.uk (North) – Simon Titley simon.titley@powys.gov.uk Detached Youth Work Team – contact the team at https://www.facebook.com/DetachedYouthPowys/

Open Access Youth Service 01874612226 Helen Quarrell – 07805024126 Rhodri Jones – 07909882525 Facebook page – Powys Open Access Youth Workers Instagram – powysopenaccessyouthworkers Twitter – Powys Open Access Youth Workers – @PowysOAYW Email – youth.service@powys.gov.uk Brecon Youth Club – https://www.facebook.com/Breconyouthcentre/ Penrhos Youth Club – https://www.facebook.com/penrhosyouthclub/ Newtown Youth Club – https://www.facebook.com/YouthClub-Newtown-121812497932989/ Llandrindod Youth Club – https://www.facebook.com/Llandod-YouthClub-331272480221703/

Xenzone and Kooth Louise Greenwood – 07975590119 or Louise.greenwood@xenzone.com Referral link for professionals – http://www.koothf2f.com Kooth website – http://www.kooth.com

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) 01874 615662

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Mike Wheeler – 01597 826 281 or mike.wheeler@powys.gov.uk

Educational Psychology Alun Flynn – 01686 614044 or alun.flynn@powys.gov.uk Caroline Rees – caroline.rees@powys.gov.uk Hayley Smith – 01597 826705 or hayley.smith1@powys.gov.uk

Tros Gynnal Plant (Advocacy service) Phone – 01545 571865 Email – midandwestwales@tgpcymru.org.uk Website – http://www.tgpcymru.org.uk

Credu (Young Carers) Phone: 01597 823800 Email: Bekcy@credu.cymru You can still get support over the phone by ringing your outreach worker or the office and via social media. Please do not hesitate to contact us about anything that is concerning you and your family. If you are not registered with Credu and Care for someone in your family, please get in touch with the office.

Montgomeryshire Family Crisis Centre Phone: 01686 629114 Email: admin@familycrisis.co.uk

Calan DVS Phone: 01874 625146 Email: enquiries@calandvs.org.uk Live Fear Free: 0808 801 0800

Windfall Centre Phone: 01597 829346 Email: info@windfallcentre.co.uk Support, advice and a listening ear for parents, foster carers and children and young people who may be feeling under stress and need to talk.

Powys Front Door Service To make a referral to Children’s Services or to request information, advice and assistance:

Phone: 01597 827666 (Option 1, Option 1) to speak to a member of staff if you have concerns about a child or young person and their family which you need to discuss with a Children’s Services representative

Purple Mash

We have just started a trial of the Education website Purple Mash. Purple Mash is an award-winning website for nursery and primary school children. It enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way. We have the use of the site on a trial basis for the next 30 days and we are hoping that the children will get plenty of opportunities to have a look, both at school and from home. The children will all have usernames and passwords so that they can access the features from home as well as from school – please ask them to show you what they are doing!

The site is linked from the school website here or can be found at https://www.purplemash.com/sch/churchstokecpschool.

Texaco Fuel Star Rewards

Churchstoke School has a Group Account with the Texaco service station at the local Co-Operative (Harry Tuffins).


If you, your family or friends purchase their fuel from Texaco Churchstoke you can donate your points to our School Group Account.


The School Membership Card is held behind the counter in the garage – it’s easy to donate your points, just tell the member of staff serving you that you wish to donate your Points to Churchstoke School and they will do the rest.


We have claimed £240 so far this year from points donated to our account, which has been used to purchase additional resources for the classrooms.


Thank you for your continued support.