Foundation Phase provision

You may be aware that a couple of years ago the Welsh Assembly commissioned a report on education for the 21st century in Wales. Professor Donaldson completed this and it was submitted to The Welsh Assembly. The Donaldson Report, as it is known, has recommended a number of changes to education in Wales and over the next few years these will start to take place.

One of the results has been a review of The Foundation Phase in Wales and The Assembly have issued an action plan which will address both the successes of the Foundation Phase approach and the recommendations made in the Donaldson Report.  As a result of this, working with colleagues from other schools and with County Staff, we are making some changes to the way in which Foundation Phase teaching in Churchstoke is structured and undertaken.

One of these changes is that we will start to have themed days.  Rather than each day being broken up into a series of lessons on different subjects, each day will have a focus activity (for which the children will work closely with a member of staff who will direct their work), a series of enriched tasks (where the children have greater freedom to choose their activity under supervision and help of staff) and a section of continuous provision tasks which they can choose for themselves. Each group of children in turn will work on the enriched task at an appropriate level at some point during the day but will also have the opportunity to work on enriched tasks in other parts of the curriculum.

The themes for the days are as follows:

Maths Monday with Mrs Pawley, supported by Mrs Nash (where the focus task for the day is numeracy related.)

Tell a Story Tuesday with Mrs Pawley, supported by Mrs Nash (the focus task being literacy related.)

Well Being Wednesday with Mrs Pawley (focus task Personal/Social/R.E) and Activ8 (P.E.), supported by Mrs Nash

Thinking Thursday with Mr Roberts, supported by Mrs Richards (with a focus task based around Knowledge and Understanding of the World.)

Forest Friday with Mr Roberts, supported by Mrs Richards (based in the Outdoor Classroom.)

Whilst the theme of the day provides the focus for the day, the children will still undertake literacy, numeracy and ICT tasks on each day. We will still obviously be ensuring that reading is a priority every day, and fitting in spellings for those children who are ready for this stage.

There will inevitably be a need to fine tune the arrangements but this is the pattern which we will be using from next week.  Bearing this in mind, could you please ensure that your child has suitable outer clothing and wellies (NAMED PLEASE) every Friday so that we can get out whatever the weather (although we do have some spares in school if this is a problem.)

We would welcome any feedback from parents as to their children’s experience of the new arrangements and will make some more formal arrangements for this once the new system is up and running.  In the meantime if you wish for any further information please get in touch.


Mrs Pawley and Mr Roberts

Spring Term 2017

It certainly doesn’t feel like Spring!

Happy New Year to everyone, and with the New Year comes the first problem of 2017, we have no heating in school! The engineer is due today so hopefully there will not be a problem with opening tomorrow and we will look forward to seeing everyone back in school, ready to go for the new term. One of today’s jobs is to work on the diary dates for the term and we should have some sort of calendar out to parents before the end of the week – that’s the plan anyway!

See you tomorrow …

Football and Netball

Congratulations to the football and netball teams who took part in the tournament at Montgomery today. Excellent behaviour from everyone, joint third place for the netball team behind two much bigger schools, and second place for the footballers, only behind Forden, who have a very active junior football team in the village.  Well done everyone and thanks to Rasi and Charlotte for accompanying Miss Hilliard. Special thanks to Charlotte for taking home that big bag of washing …

Harvest sale

Thank you to everyone for all their hard work in turning the harvest gifts into soup, sauce, jam, pies and all the other produce. The children had great fun and a total of £85 was raised. There is still some soup and apple sauce left, and plenty of apples from the orchard if anyone wants to come back for seconds!