Harvest backing tracks

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Texaco Fuel Star Rewards

Churchstoke School has a Group Account with the Texaco service station at the local Co-Operative (Harry Tuffins).


If you, your family or friends purchase their fuel from Texaco Churchstoke you can donate your points to our School Group Account.


The School Membership Card is held behind the counter in the garage – it’s easy to donate your points, just tell the member of staff serving you that you wish to donate your Points to Churchstoke School and they will do the rest.


We have claimed £240 so far this year from points donated to our account, which has been used to purchase additional resources for the classrooms.


Thank you for your continued support.

4th September 2017


We hope everyone had a lovely summer.  A few reminders and requests as we start a new term:-



  • We have a mountain of lost property in the school library area, please come and have a look as we would like to reunite as much of it as possible over the next week.  Anything that is still here next week will be sorted, used in school or disposed of.


Please, please ensure all your childrens items are clearly labelled with

their name.


  • Over the summer we were lucky enough to receive donations of costumes and props from CADs.  We are looking for volunteers to sort and catalogue the items, if anyone is available to help with this task we would be very grateful.


  • In view of the length of time between breakfast and dinner, particularly in the case of children collected early by the taxis, children may bring in a piece of fruit to eat at morning break.  Unfortunately, Netty has no spare fruit available in school for those children who forget to bring it in !


All fruit for break time should be contained in a plastic bag separate from pupils lunch, it should be in a state that allows the children to sort it out themselves (staff are not in a position to peel fruit for all the children within the time available).  Please note that this is fruit not sweets or chocolate.



  • And finally, please find attached the dates for the school terms for this year.  For families with older children it is important to note that the Powys and Shropshire school holidays are very different during the coming year.

Thank you

Infant trip to Wonderland

Please remember the following for the trip on Monday:
Packed Lunch
School Uniform
Waterproof coat
Sturdy shoes or trainers
Asthma inhaler (if required)
No pocket money is needed
Finally, the infants will return to school at about 4 p.m. so taxi children will need collecting from school please.

Sports Day

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If you have seen the weather forecast for Wednesday you will guess that a Sports Day on Wednesday would be a washout! The weather for Thursday (29th) is marginally better and with so many events packed in to the end of term we are now going to aim for Sports Day on Thursday afternoon this week rather than Wednesday, with fingers firmly crossed that the weather turns out to be better than the forecast.